Customizing E-commerce: Why we love Woocommerce

Apr 16, 2018

The word “e-commerce” gets thrown around a lot like it’s a product you just pull off the shelf and start using, but in our experience, it’s far from the case. We’ve done a number of different e-commerce websites, no two have been remotely the same, whether it’s what they sell, their features, or what they […]

Our new company car

Apr 16, 2018

Well, not quite a car per say, but for us it more or less replaces one! We recently got this awesome ride from our friends at Xtracycle and have been absolutely loving it. Not only does it hold, well, pretty much everything, but the electric motor lets us cruise around town seeing clients without working […]

SEO: It’s about the content, stupid: two examples

Jan 29, 2018

“SEO” is about content. We tell clients this all the time — although I’m not sure they always believe it. So let’s look at some anecdotal evidence — a couple case studies. Exhibit 1 First from our own site: We had never really promoted on our site that “SEO” was a service we offer. We […]

Links in the WordPress content editor

Jan 22, 2018

For those of you with a WordPress site, here’s a quick video tip on working with links in the backend and explaining a couple small improvements recently added to WordPress. Level: novice.

Your website New Year’s Resolution: Content

Jan 18, 2018

Forget about losing weight or learning a new skill for your New Year’s resolution. Well, maybe not forget about those, but we’ve got a New Year’s resolution that’s perfect for your website — plan out your content for the new year! It’s a brand new year and if you’re anything like most businesses, you’ve running […]

What are SEO ‘keywords’? What do you do with them?

Dec 05, 2017

Getting people to your site: Five questions to ask yourself We’ve written before: SEO starts with content — and you could almost say it ends with content, too. Not quite, but almost. So, as you start writing content for your site, or as you take a fresh look at content that already exists on your […]

FQ at Wordcamp PDX 2017

Sep 26, 2017

This past Saturday the entire Figoli Quinn & Associates crew headed up to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR to learn and share all things WordPress at the Wordcamp PDX 2017 conference. Not only did we pick up a number of tricks, but I was given the great opportunity to share some thoughts on […]

Home sweet homepage

Sep 18, 2017

What should be on your homepage? Keep it simple, keep it focused, keep it brief and above all be helpful. Sure, the design and content of your homepage depends a lot on what you do and the various reasons people might be coming to your site. But for our purposes today, let’s generalize a bit: Put […]

Speaking at Wordcamp 2017

Sep 12, 2017

We’re excited to announce that I’ll be a speaker at the Wordcamp PDX 2017 conference. I’ll be giving a lightning talk introducing ways that WordPress developers can improve their content editing process and why that might matter. Check out to learn more and to sign up for the conference. Afterwards, we’ll be posting the presentation […]

Your brand sucks, Don’t change a thing

Aug 16, 2017

Having a background in the craft beer industry, I was invited this year to be a presenter at the Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, D.C., to talk about design and branding in the craft brewing industry. Every conference presentation needs a provocative title, right, so we called this: “Your Brand Sucks, Don’t Change a Thing.” […]