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Crisdental approached us about rebuilding their website as their practice continues to expand across Oregon. Their main goals of the new site was to improve performance, make it easier to edit, and creative a cohesive look that tied each of their individual offices into a central brand. We built a custom theme and custom plugins to help achieve this goal, going for something that was clean and friendly, but tied everything together and felt like a national brand.

At the heart of the site are the locations of each office. Each was standardized highlighting the map and contact information of the office. Also easily visible is a link to request an appointment at that specific office. That link is automatically generated to use the custom appointment scheduler that was built. To make it easier to edit these, and enforce them looking similar to each other, we customized the backend editor for these pages, making it a simple form for them to fill in.

No HTML knowledge required, and no worrying about how the page needs to look. Just fill in the easy to follow fields, and the page generates itself, and generates anywhere else it’s used within the site, like the footer, or the custom scheduler.

Speaking of that scheduler, we turned what was previously just a contact form for scheduling appointments into a custom page that helps walk the user through a serious of questions about scheduling their appointments. It also allows them to easily skip steps by jumping in through the Request Appointment link on each location page. Even within just the first month, Crisdental saw a sharp increase in the number of conversions coming from their website.

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