3D Product Animation

Photography without the Camera

3D isn’t just for cartoon characters. It’s great for producing photorealistic images so good the audience doesn’t realize it was computer-generated. There are so many ways you can incorporate 3D animation and rendering into your existing branding and marketing workflow, whether it’s illustrating a character, visualizing a product that doesn’t exist yet, bringing an architectural design to life, or simply using it in place of traditional photography. Check out the example below, rendering completely in 3D.

Why 3D? Why not just take a picture?

Let’s say you’re releasing a new product or looking for funding for an idea. You’re going to need to show people what it looks like. Depending on the situation, 3D may be more affordable or more practical than a photo shoot. Using 3D in place of traditional photography is great for:

  1. Objects that are hard to photograph, whether they’re extremely large like a weather tower, or extremely small like a medical implant.
  2. Products that are still in the design phase and don’t yet exist (don’t rely on napkin sketches or clunky CAD fly-throughs)
  3. Shoots were you’d like complete control over every aspect of the shot, such as lighting and backgrounds.

This last point is key. Imagine you pay a team to photograph your new product. You get the photos back, and decide the color is wrong, or you’d like the product angled in a different direction, or you’d like it placed within a different setting. With traditional photography, this requires a complete new shoot, which gets expensive.



Some 3D Product Animation work we’ve done

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