Content & Copywriting

Without good content, you have nothing

You know the saying, “There’s no there there”?* Lots of websites are like that. Maybe they look nice, but there is little of interest.

Here is another saying: “Content is king.”** It should be obvious that people go to a website to learn something, to look for information, or to buy a product.

Good design and a smoother, easy user experience are important, obviously. Yet they are just tools to help people locate what they really want, which is “content.” Search engines prefer sites with good content, too.

What is ‘content’?

Content is writing, photography, video, a portfolio of your products or your work. It could be anything from a news story about the city council to a photograph of earrings you have for sale.

We can’t say enough about the value of well-written, well-edited copy, of professional photography, of compelling video. Nothing kills a nicely designed website faster than bad photos or a 1,000-word treatise on the history of your company right there on your homepage.

Content organization is part of our process

We can help you figure out what content you need and where it should go, and that is typically the first step in our process as we design a new website for a client. We also provide writing and editing services in-house. And we have relationships with a variety of photographers and videographers that we bring on board as we need them.

* Gertrude Stein
** Bill Gates

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